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A Single Girl's Guide to Valentine's Day

With Valentine's Day is fast approaching and after seeing copious amounts of advertisements filled with roses, chocolate and gushy cards intended for the one you love or really, really 'bananas' about. There is a real card out there that actually has that written on it. But whatever floats your boat and all that. 


Where is my Mojo?

I don't know if you guys have noticed that I'm not posting as frequently as I use to.


The Vienna Diaries

On Boxing Day I took a much-needed break away with my cousin Valerie to the picturesque beauty that is Vienna.


The Epic Non Date

Before I decided to delete my dating apps after a brief second attempt. I had the pleasure of talking to someone who introduced himself with a killer opening line. 


Where are All the Normal Guys Please?

I wasn’t planning on it but somehow I’m back on dating apps again. It has barely been a day and all the reasons I decided to delete them last time have come flooding back again.



It’s strange how things happen...
How life can just change in an instance without you even realising
See before he was just this random boy I saw around
Now he makes me laugh even without knowing
Random how things can be



Resisting the urge to go so deeply within this to avoid us both getting hurt
Yet for some reason
What seemed to be so black and white, is now flowing down a path of the unfamiliar that could cause both of us a greater pain.
Or should I say me,
As it is no longer apparent to me what you think about this
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